Types of Visitation and Exchange Services offered:

Ace’s Place offers supervised exchanges along with on-site supervised visitation.  Prices may vary depending on the level of supervision required/requested. There are different types of supervised visitation, and these include the following:

1-on-1 Sight and Sound Supervised Visitation:
HIGH RISK: A single monitor is assigned solely to this family and follows the family at all times with sight and sound observation. Monitor very closely supervises the visit and only becomes involved in response to rule violations or safety concerns. 

Supportive Visitation:
MEDIUM RISK: Monitor offers coaching or suggestions offering suggestions related to parenting, the child’s behavior, the parent-child interaction, and visit activities. (Available only if requested. No additional fee)

Therapeutic Visitation:
The visit supervisor is a therapist that provides therapy and therapeutic activities to the parent and child during the visit.  Often, the parent and child are also involved in their own individual therapy in conjunction with therapeutic visitation. Only therapists are qualified to make subjective reports to the court. (*available for an additional fee. We have 3 licensed therapists we refer.)

Monitored Visitation:
LOW RISK: Monitor simply observes visits to ensure no rule violations or safety concerns. The supervisor can “drop-in” on visits to ensure all is going well but may not remain in room for the entire visit. Monitor may be supervising another family simultaneously. (most common)

Facilitated Exchanges:
Monitor offers supervision while the parties exchange children for a visit.  The visit itself is not supervised and occurs off-site, most time at the noncustodial parent’s home.

Extra Services provided (additional charges apply):
* Translator
* Additional armed security
* Additional assigned monitors

In addition to offering supervised visitation (both monitored and full sight and sound) and facilitated child exchanges, Ace's Place also offers related services, including:

  • general parenting classes
  • abusive / protective parenting classes
  • cooperative parenting classes  
  • provide documentation for court and CHFS services,
  • individualized activities for the families (team building and learning quality time)
  • foster parents’ day out drop off services (weekday hours) 
  • single parents' day out drop off services 
  • workshops and seminars on topics such as successful co-parenting strategies, understanding teens and life after divorce 
  • birthday party room rentals

Services Offered