Ace’s Place – Supervised Visitation and Exchange Center

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost?

Initial intake: $35 each party
Exchanges: $20 each
Visitation: starting at $40 each hour 
**extra charge if extra security is needed or a translator provided or extra services requested**

PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Please call for most current price list. Deposits may be required. 

Do custodians and foster parents pay intake fee?

No. Raising other people’s children and ensuring their safety is expensive enough. Founder, Nichole Compton, is a grandparent raising her grandson. So as a courtesy and in hopes of providing some financial relief, she has agreed to waive the intake fee for non-parents who are custodians or guardians.


So who pays for this? 

Typically, the visiting or receiving parent pays the fee for exchanges and visitations.  However, this can be determined by the parties (i.e. the custodial parent or guardian may choose to pay) as long as the fees are paid timely and in full. Receipts will be provided. Additionally, the court may also order a different pay arrangement. We honor the Court’s orders. The amount charged will be the same per family regardless and all payments must be made in advance of scheduling a visit or exchange. *** Our policy is however if the custodial parent or custodian cancels, reschedules or refuses to make up a scheduled visit, they will be responsible for fees and charges.**


Is there an additional charge for multiple children?

No. In an attempt to keep prices as low as possible and serve as many families as possible, the prices are set per family not per number of children. Please note: the policy is subject to change.


Can I bring my girlfriend/boyfriend? 

No. Your parenting time is yours. You cannot nor should you want to bring anyone else with you. Ace’s Place is purposed to give children a safe and kid-friendly environment to spend quality time with their noncustodial parents. Ace’s Place is child-centered, family-focused. You should want to make this time focus on making lasting memories and strengthening the bond with your child. You cannot do this well with a third party present, even if it is your significant other. [If the Court orders sibling or grandparent visits, we do accommodate.]


What if the visiting parent is intoxicated? 

Ace’s Place reserves the right to prohibit or terminate a visitation or exchange if a parent appears to be intoxicated or inappropriate. The visit will be immediately terminated and the parent asked to leave.   We would rather err on the side of caution, as your children are precious. A visiting parent that presents and/or smells of alcohol or drugs or is acting intoxicated, i.e. slurred speech, nodding, glassy eyes, etc., then the staff of Ace’s Place will be protective of the child and has the discretion to end the visit.


What happens if the other parent is late? Or early?

There is a 15-minute grace period. Parents and guardians are expected to be on time and arrive at their assigned time. In most cases, parents will never see or interact with each other. We set our times so as to avoid

PLEASE NOTE:  If any child abuse is suspected, Ace’s Place will report to Child Protective Services and act as required. This information may also be disclosed to the court.


How long are visits?

The suggested visit length is 1.5 hours. However, visits can be as short as an hour or as long as needed, with hours. The longest visit at Ace’s Place was 10 hours.


What hours and days are you open?  

8am to 8pm Sunday through Saturday.

Ace’s Place has available scheduling 7 days a week and mornings as early as 8, afternoons and evenings as late as 8. However, everything is by scheduled appointment. We do not accommodate drop-ins.


What if the other party never shows to start visits? Or continuously misses visits or exchanges?

If Court ordered, we notify the court after 3 weeks. If 3 visits or exchanges or missed, the family is removed from the schedule until we meet with the parents and the Court, if court referred, is notified.


What if I cannot afford it?

Our prices are set as low as possible, so as to not be a financial burden or turn people who really need services away. However, we are not nonprofit yet, but if asked (especially by the Court of Cabinet) we will do our best to accommodate those who sincerely need financial help. Parties will be expected to pay at least a minimal fee.


Do I have to have a court order to use Ace’s Place?

No. But if one exists, we abide by that. Parties can agree to use Ace’s Place and do not need a court order to set up exchanges or visits.


Do we have to live in Louisville to use Ace’s Place?

No. Ace’s Place is open to all. While most of our clients are from Southern Indiana and Louisville, Lexington and surrounding areas, we currently serve parents from as far away as Washington State, North Carolina, northern Ohio, Tennessee and other states. They drive here to use our services. Additionally, we are looking to open satellite centers within the next 6 months.


Can you report to the Court?

When you use Ace’s Place, you agree not to subpoena our records or staff. We do not share our notes or files, including your information with anyone. However, Guardian ad Litems appointed in cases will have access to our notes and files upon request. We prefer not to send Court reports but have. It is best if you want a status update or court report in your case, that you have the Judge court order it. We always gladly accommodate the Courts.



Frequently Asked Questions