no matter the situation children love their parents. and in healthy settings it can be very beneficial for children to have contact with their parents. if we can help effectuate that and foster healthy relationships and quality visitation and parenting time, then we are helping make a positive difference for the family.

Not all families are healthy. At times, the courts step in and remove custody, requiring supervised visitation. Ace's Place is a 3rd party supervised visitation & exchange center, providing a place for noncustodial parents to safely visit their children, participate in interactive family activities and attend parenting workshops.

About the Founder of Ace's Place


As an attorney for 10 years, I worked as a guardian ad litem (or "Parents' Attorney") in family court representing parents and guardians involved in child abuse cases. My job was to protect the legal interests of the parents while helping families reunite rehabilitated. AND I LOVED MY POSITION. I loved helping young parents better themselves and regain custody of their children.

A year ago, I left that position and became the proud nana my grandson affectionately known as "Ace." Months later, I unexpectedly became Ace's legal guardian. As a parents' attorney, I witnessed many clients unable to find approved supervisors when court-ordered to have someone supervise their visitation times with their children or to oversee an exchange. From raising my grandson, I see first-hand the ENORMOUS need for such a service. 

Hence, Ace's Place was created.

We now proudly serve the Louisville area and are always looking for needs to better serve the families of our community. 

WHo we are


ACE's Place - Supervised Visitation & Exchange Center- is dedicated to providing safe exchanges, third party supervised visitation and educational sessions for families, custodians and parents. 


  • Started by a grandmother and attorney who is also a court-ordered custodian

  • Ran by social workers, former officers and parents

  • Offers other supportive services to help parents and custodians 

It is not always desired but sometimes a reality that children involved in domestic violence situations, broken or divorced families, child abuse and/or court matters require supervised visitation or monitored exchanges. For about a decade, the owner and founder of Ace's Place worked as an attorney in family court involving child abuse, custody and divorce matters. She saw first hand how hard and sometimes impossible it can be to find an appropriate and court-approved 3rd party to supervise visitation or monitor and facilitate child exchanges.